The developed capabilities allow us to offer platforms tailored to the needs of each job, thanks to a scalable and configurable system, which allows the positioning of different payloads on two axes with precision.

MIL-STD-810G Qualification

MIL-STD-461E Qualification

Integration into IP networks

HD-SDI high definition video signals

Zero backlash cycloidal gearbox

MSP platforms

Its design and structure offers great adaptation to many types of payloads with easy installation on masts and vehicles.

The MSP 25 is a positioning or pan & tilt device designed for the precise positioning of sensors such as multispectral cameras of different types, thermal vision cameras or infrared illuminators.

This modern device has the latest technologies on the market. In addition, it has been designed to be fully scalable and configurable to be able to adapt it to the different needs of the client and to be able to provide it with future improvements and updates.

The platform allows the use of a dual high-definition optronic block with an HD-SDI interface, thanks to an ad-hoc mechanical interface, which adapts the center of gravity of the payload, allowing maximum performance to be obtained at all times in the positioning.

Thanks to its own electronics, in its most advanced configuration the system makes it possible to stabilize the payload on its two axes.

Gyro-stabilized Platforms

They allow integration into light vehicles that need adaptation and positioning of their situational awareness systems and also use in ground surveillance operational environments.

Precision Platforms

The high pointing precision and repeatability of the system allows its use in artillery systems and advanced observation systems where targets are located at long distances.


security and defense

The applications for which the MSP-25 Positioner can be used are diverse and always adapted to the customer’s needs.


  • Perimeter object detection
  • Tracking prefixed items
  • Night vision cameras
Posicionador MSP25 de Mecanus

At MECANUS we are working on the design of new products that are manufactured in Ejea de los Caballeros and that have cutting-edge technology to provide solutions in different fields.

Posicionador MSP25 de Mecanus

Our company

Development of Positioning Platforms


With external innovation capabilities


Long history in machining and electronic development capabilities


Own mechanics and electronics


In continuous growth bringing together the best multidisciplinary expertise


In laser cutting and precision machining


Fully scalable and configurable to adapt to customer needs

Posicionador MSP25 de Mecanus

MSP 25


The MSP25 platform is a scalable and configurable system that allows the positioning of a payload in two axes.


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Posicionador MSP25 de Mecanus
Posicionador MSP25 de Mecanus